Summer Recruitment

Registration for Summer recruitment will begin June 1st, 2021. Summer recruitment is an informal process that takes place in June and July. With the exception of the IFC-sponsored summer events listed online, individual chapters organize their own recruitment activities throughout the summer. To get involved in those activities, you will be added to an e-mail list after registering for summer recruitment using the link below.

All individuals interested in summer recruitment MUST register to participate in recruitment events and must be offered and accept a bid through Campus Director by August 1st at 5 pm. Incoming first-year freshmen WILL NOT be allowed to move into any Fraternity Facilities for Fall 2021.

Year-Round Recruitment

Year-round recruitment is the latter half of the informal process. It takes place during the academic school year after formal recruitment. Of course, it is only open to currently enrolled WSU students.

Like summer recruitment, year-round is part of the informal process. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the potential new member (PNM) or chapter to take initiative as no recruitment events will be organized by the IFC.

Specific chapters who participate in year-round will often independently host recruitment events of their own to get to know PNMs. It is suggested that PNM’s reach out to chapters and establish first communication/contact. Not all IFC chapters will elect to participate in year-round.


You only need to register one time to participate in recruitment during the same academic year. All students MUST be registered in order to receive a bid and participate in recruitment events. If you register and do not join during summer or fall recruitment, you do not need to register again, your registration fee will be good for the remainder of the academic year in which you registered.